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Kursdaten 2024

25./26. Mai 2024, Reiki II
22./23. Jun 2024, Reiki III

Book an introductory session:  or076 427 17 22

What is Reiki? The key to your potential

Reiki is an ancient Asian healing art that has a holistic effect on Spirit, Soul & Body. Reiki works with universal life energy, laying on of hands, chakra balancing and, in addition to teaching healing, offers holistic “life training”. The word Reiki means "universal life energy" and promotes personal and spiritual growth. The training enables expansion of consciousness, self-discovery, harmony and activates self-healing powers and strengthens one's own potential. 

The Reiki training takes place in 3 degrees of your own mastery and can be completed up to the Reiki trainer master IV and V. A holistic way that moves sustainably.

All seminars take place in small groups.  Depending on the size of the group, the seminars last one and a half to two days.

The seminar can be attended in German or English.

Each seminar includes catering during breaks, training documents, support for 21 days after training and certificate.

Specific individual appointments can be booked at any time.  


Your investment:

For the Reiki training I to III as a complete package 1'550.- Fr.
You save 100.- Fr.

Single booking per Reiki level: 550.- Fr

The Reiki seminars can be attended as a complete package I-III or individually.


Next course dates:

Reiki I 22./23.01.22

Reiki II 5th/6th March 22

Reiki III 2nd/3rd Apr 22  


Questions and registration: or

Phone direct: 076 427 17 22


Dear Maya, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great training to become a Reiki master. With your loving, open-minded, professional and grateful manner, you picked me up, took my talent seriously, developed it further and allowed it to blossom. You are my midwife of the light. Reiki has carried me through the most difficult time of my life. With your help, pictures of confidence and hope were created. Thanks

The following topics and contents of the Reiki seminars I to III await you:

Reiki Seminar I

  • Basics and theory of the Reiki philosophy

  • impact profile

  • Application of Reiki on a physical level

  • Hand positions of the whole body treatment (own treatment and third-party treatment)

  • Flash treatment while seated

  • Reiki self treatment

  • Chakra teaching, introduction

  • Energies in general, energy work, energy thieves

  • Spiritual rules of life and mantras

Reiki Seminar II

  • Deepening the basics

  • Extension of the Reiki treatment

  • Application of Reiki on a mental level

  • The three Reiki symbols and associated mantras

  • Reiki distance treatment

  • The spiritual/universal laws

  • The interaction of spirit, soul and body

  • Deepening chakras and their meaning

  • Advice and professionalism in the role of Reiki “Practionaire”

Reiki Seminar III

  • Coaching assessment according to the lotus method

  • Advanced Reiki I and Reiki II

  • Final extension of the Reiki treatment

  • Application of Reiki on a holistic and spiritual level

  • The Reiki master symbol and associated mantra

  • Sphere of action of energies and “energy stealing patterns”

  • Individual themes of their own mastery


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