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Manual lymphatic drainage was developed by Danish physiotherapist Emil Vordre. The aim of the lymphatic drainage therapy concept is to restore the disturbed balance between the amount of lymph and the efficiency of the lymphatic system.

function of the lymphatic system

  • The body's own "purification system". Fluid is absorbed from the tissue in the lymph and smaller particles such as metabolic products, cell debris and defense cells are cleaned and removed.

  • Around 2 liters of lymph are produced in the tissues of the body every day. The lymph nodes are filter stations that clean the lymph. Pathogens, foreign bodies and cell debris are eliminated by lymphocytes and macrophages.  

General effect:

  • Lymphatic drainage is a gentle congestion therapy that can influence (drain) the fluid content in the extra cellular space.

  • Lymphatic drainage always affects the whole organism and strengthens the body's defenses

  • T and B helper cells are transported via the lymphatic system.

  • Lymphatic drainage is used to support treatment and preventively with:

  • Edema therapy

  • Metabolic diseases

  • Psychosomatic illnesses

  • Tension headaches and migraines

  • Chronic exhaustion sleep disorders - stress - constipation - diarrhea - nervous stomach problems

  • Cosmetic therapy

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