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A stress-free zone




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Hatha & Kundalini Yoga classes

in groups, individually and online

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Reiki individual treatments and training

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Dynamic classes

a mix of Zumba and Pilates

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Personal Development Programs

for your I 3.0

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Classic massage, sports massage, Dorn therapy and Lomi Lomi massage

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Lymph drainage and physio



Michel is the founder of H202 and owner of Yogaherz. He is a certified yoga teacher, professional masseur and Dorn therapist with many years of experience and health insurance recognition. He follows his calling with heart and empathy. It is important to him to create a space in Studio H202 that takes customers to a new level of health. The combination of active and passive therapy under one roof helps to optimize and maintain overall health. With his specially developed 12-step personality development program, he helps to achieve lasting health on a mental, physical and spiritual level.


Maya is an expert in the holistic health field with years of experience as a teacher and leader of nursing education. She is a jack of all trades with over 20 years of mental health experience. Through her life coaching, she lovingly helps her clients to lead a sustainably healthier and more successful life. In addition, she also incorporates all her knowledge from her areas as a Reiki master, yoga teacher and masseuse. Maya also runs the Reiki school in H202 and has extensive knowledge of energy healing. She is empathetic and caring which makes every session with her an experience.

Alexandra Home

Alexandra is an experienced Physiotherapist MSc and offers Classic Massages, Dry Needling, Physiotherapy and Pilates. Your achievements are EMR recognized. She has many years of experience in sports medicine/ neurorehabilitation and teaches at health schools. Their many years of specialist expertise and dedicated working methods effectively support the recovery process.

She is in practice every Saturday. On Monday evenings she offers Pilates.


Sicco was born in Munich and is a luminary in his field of holistic health. He has 30 years of experience as a therapist and has specialized in lymphatic drainage since 1994. In 1998 he completed his medical studies and in 2005 his studies in Chinese medicine. He works at various locations in the German-speaking area (Tegernsee, Bregenzerwald, Salzburg and Zurich). The humorous and personable lymph doctor Sicco spends a week in H202 every month.


Birgit teaches Kundalini Yoga

In her classes, Birgit supports you with empathy, joy, a healthy degree of seriousness and lightness, to strengthen your awareness of yourself and your surroundings, your well-being and your vitality.
Through the experience during the two-year training to become a yoga teacher recognized in Europe and her own regular practice, Birgit knows about the power of Kundalini Yoga and is happy to welcome you to her classes to share this wonderful tool.

Birgit is in the practice every Tuesday evening

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Karin is a

  • Passionate mantra singer

  • Kundalini Yoga teacher

Through the two-year training to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher, I rediscovered my voice. The mantras went straight to my heart and had a very calming effect on me. As a child I sang and hummed a lot.

I bought an Indian harmonium and played it for many hours to my family, neighbors and roommates.

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Juana is a Bodywork therapist, somatic movement and Yoga Instructor that has integrated a Holistic approach to her work, life and practice.

She began working as a Holistic Bodywork Therapist in 2021, opening her private practice in India and following her next step in The Netherlands,  working as well in collaboration with 5 Stars Hotels and Spas, and a private Massage Praxis focused on the support during and after Pregnancy.

Nowadays she is based in Zürich and every Sunday she will be sharing her Holistic bodywork Therapy at H202, offering different treatments.

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