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One of the most common causes of tension and pain in the musculoskeletal system is one-sided permanent strain at work and everyday life, mental tension and permanent stress, as well as excessive strain during sports or leisure time.

The main positive properties of massage on the body:

  • Release of muscular tension

  • Release of adhesions and scars between the tissue layers (muscles, skin and bones)

  • Pain-inhibiting or pain-relieving effect, especially in the case of acute symptoms

  • Mental and psychological relaxation, stress reduction

  • Local increase in blood flow

  • Increase in wound healing

  • Stabilization of the immune system

  • Influence on the vegetative nervous system

Find the right massage for your needs. Various experienced therapists offer you relaxing and health-promoting massages.

Classic massage

  • Treatment via the skin in the area of the fascia and muscles.  

  • Reflective effect on the organs

  • Reflective effect on the nervous system (calming and relaxing)  


sports massage

  • More sporting success and longevity of the musculoskeletal system

  • The blood circulation in the body is promoted and endurance and performance in sports are increased.

  • The sports massage is mainly carried out using classic massage techniques. It is used both in preparation for a competition to prevent injuries and as a relaxing aftercare to promote regeneration and to prevent muscle shortening and soreness.


Dorn Therapy 

The simple and efficient manual Dorn therapy helps the client to be pain-free and symptom-free after just a few sessions.

The Dorn therapy, which is carried out gently by hand, loosens the tense muscles in the vertebrae so that they slide back into their original state. This happens under slight pressure from the therapist and rhythmic movements from the client. Once the vertebrae are straightened, the pain subsides surprisingly quickly. If the client comes to therapy quickly after an incident, only 1-2 sessions are often sufficient. If malpositions have been there for a long time, it may be that several sessions are necessary until the muscles are properly adjusted to the spot again.  

Wellness massage

The H202 wellness massage is a traditional Hawaiian oil massage, which harmonises body and soul by means of long strokes, fascia work and joint mobilization, as well as the inclusion of the four elements. The movements are like waves therefore  the massage is called "le jus de la mer".  

Muscle tension is released, meridians open and the lymph flow and blood circulation are stimulated  deletions encouraged. Already after a massage is  Deep relaxation guaranteed.

Lie down and switch off - let your soul dangle and enjoy with all your senses.  

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