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• Kundalini Yoga teacher

Birgit was enthusiastic about Kundalini Yoga from the very first moment. It quickly became clear to her that there must be a unique power in it. In order to learn more about this yoga style, Birgit began the two-year training course to become a European recognized Kundalini Yoga teacher in 2017, which she successfully completed in 2019. The intensive practice helped her to get to know each other better and finally to get to what she was looking for all her life - the connection to herself. In 2020 Birgit started sharing this valuable tool and taught in different places.

In her classes, Birgit supports you with empathy, joy, a healthy degree of seriousness, as well as lightness, to strengthen your awareness of yourself and your surroundings, your well-being and your vitality.
Through twenty years of work as a qualified nursing specialist in an acute hospital, Birgit brings with her a medically sound background knowledge and expanded her knowledge during her training as a meditation teacher and with the initiation into the 3rd Reiki degree.

Her own personal experience has always been very important to Birgit and is a big part of the way she accompanies you in the lessons.

Birgit is in the practice every Tuesday evening

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