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Juana Bartelsman is a Bodywork therapist, somatic movement and Yoga Instructor that has integrated a Holistic approach to her work, life and practice.

She began her journey on movement and mindfulness when she started her studies on Corporal Expression, Body Work and Yoga in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 


In the past 7 years while travelling around the world she continued her studies and shared movement, mindfulness and Corporeal Expression classes and Workshops.

The work that she shares nowadays has been deeply influenced by her time living in India during 2019-2022 where she got the opportunity to focus on her practice and delve into learning new skills and knowledge, integrating a new perspective in her work and life. 


She began working as a Holistic Bodywork Therapist in 2021, opening her private practice in India and following her next step in The Netherlands,  working as well in collaboration with 5 Stars Hotels and Spas, and a private Massage Praxis focused on the support during and after Pregnancy.


Nowadays she is based in Zürich and every Sunday she will be sharing her Holistic bodywork Therapy at H202, offering different treatments:

  • Signature Holistic Bodywork sessions

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Relaxation massage 

  • Pre/Post Natal Massage

  • Re Boost massage  

  • Lymphatic Drainage Program

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